Olives (v,gf)                                                                                 £3.25


1 -        Pitted Kalamata olives preserved in oil.

2 -        Whole pitted green Halkidiki olives preserved in oil.

3 -        Mixed pitted Kalmata and Halkidiki olives.

4 -        Pitted green olives stuffed with Feta cheese


Sweet Chillies (v,gf)              £3.75

Round sweet chillies stuffed with soft Greek cheese


Anchovy Fillets (gf)              £3.25

Anchovy fillets marinated in white wine vinegar and herbs.



Bread and Oil                        £3.75

Homemade bread served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar






Rocket and Parmesan Salad (v,gf)                                        £3.75






1 -        Estifado Do Res (gf)          £6.00

A slow cooked beef stew with peppers, tomatoes, chorizo and chilli


2 -        Pollo Pimention Ahumado (gf)   £5.50

Pan seared chicken in smoky paprika served with Tzatziki dipP

3 -        Pollo Andulucian                £5.50

Chicken with cinnamon, honey and coriander sauce 


4 -        Gambas Pil Pil (gf)             £6.30

Succulent prawns in paprika, chilli and oil


5 -        Gambas Jengibre (gf)       £6.30

Succulent prawns in ginger, chilli and oil


6-         Gambas Tempura              £6.40

Succulent prawns in a light tempura batter served with tzatziki dip


7-         Pollo Pil Pil (gf)                   £5.50

Tender chicken in paprika, chilli and oil


8-         Pollo Jengibre (gf)             £5.50

Tender chicken in ginger, chilli and oil.


9-         Cerdo con Miel       £4.95

Slow cooked belly pork with a sticky crust


10-       Patatas Bravas (v) Standard/Sharing         £3.60/£4.75

Crispy potatoes with a homemade tomato sauce (optional)


11-       Croquetas                £5.00

Creamy cheese and chorizo croquettes served with Aioli


13 -      Champiñones con Crema (v)            £5.00

Mushrooms in a creamy garlic sauce with mozzarella cheese.


14 -      Ratatouille (v,gf)                       £4.50

A rich stew of mediterranean vegetables

15 -      Catalan Style Chickpeas       £5.25

Chickpeas marinates with Chorizo and red onion and cooked gently

 16 -      Boquerones                 £4.75

Whitebait lightly floured and fried until golden

17 -       Calamari                   £5.25

Served with lemon and garlic mayonaise



All our food is cooked to order so please be patient at busy times. 

Portion Size

We recommend 2-3 dishes per adult .


For allergy advice please ask a member of staff.

Vegetarian (v)  Gluten Free (gf)