Available Thursday and Sunday Evenings 6-8

1 -        Estifado Do Res (gf)                      £5.40

A slow cooked beef stew with peppers, tomatoes, chorizo and chilli

2 -        Pollo Pimention Ahumado (gf)   £4.95

Pan seared chicken in smoky paprika served with Tzatziki dip

3 -        Pollo Andalusian (gf)       £4.95

Chicken with cinnamon, honey and coriander sauce.

4 -        Gambas Pil Pil (gf)                         £5.65

Succulent prawns in paprika, chilli and oil     

5 -        Gambas Jengibre (gf)                   £5.65

Succulent prawns in ginger, chilli and oil

6-         Gambas Tempura                          £5.65

Succulent prawns in a light tempura batter served with tzatziki dip

7-         Pollo Pil Pil (gf)                               £4.95

Tender chicken in paprika, chilli and oil

8-         Pollo Jengibre (gf)                         £4.95

Tender chicken in ginger, chilli and oil.

10-       Patatas Bravas                               £3.25

Crispy potatoes with a homemade tomato sauce (optional)

11-       Croquetas                                        £4.50

Creamy cheese and chorizo croquettes served with Aioli

13 -      Champiñones al ajo (v)                £4.50

Mushrooms with garlic and tarragon

14 -      Ratatouille (v,gf)                             £4.00

A rich stew of mediterranean vegetables

15 -      Boquerones                                     £4.25

Whitebait lightly floured and fried until golden


Snack Boxes

Box One – £15.00                                      Box Two - £17.00

Pollo Pimention Ahumado (gf)                          Chorizo Croquettes

Tempura Prawn                                         Prawns in Ginger,Chilli and Oil (gf)

Cauliflower Croquettes (v)                            Ratatouille (v,gf)                        

Beef Estifado (gf)                                    Chicken Pil Pil (gf)

Patatas Bravas (v)                                    Rocket and Parmesan Salad (v,gf)

Tzatziki Dip  (v)

Box Three - £22

Tempura Cauliflower (v)

Monkfish Bites

Chicken with Ginger, Chilli and Oil (gf)

Crispy Belly Pork

Black Pudding Bon Bon

Patatas Bravas(v)


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